RTM series parts in quantities of up 10,000/year

We use the RTM method for series production with high quantities. This allows us to produce quantities of up to 10,000 per year.

High-quality small series in glass or carbon fibre

We produce components in small quantities too, of course. Our competence in the processing of glass fibres and carbon fibres (carbon) allows high-quality products to be produced in small series.

Production of prototype parts and models

Our modern CNC milling machines allow us to create models and prototypes rapidly and inexpensively. Keim is able to realize virtually any component as a composite element. For example, we mill 3D objects and moulding tools from ureol, a special polyurethane (PU) modeling foam.

We also take charge of the short-term manufacture of special projects for exhibition booth construction etc. There are virtually no limits to what the designers can do. Regardless of whether it’s tables, chairs or other furniture – ureol moulds allow the short-term production of elements made from carbon fibre composite materials.

Job milling

In the field of milling work and in accordance with our order structure, we are also service providers for job milling. In order handling, we give priority to precision, reliability and working on schedule.

On our modern milling machines, we mill all kinds and models of products from GFR, CFR or plastics according to customer requirements. We create the 5-axis programs and vacuum work holding attachments required for this ourselves.