The significance of fibre-plastic technology

Components produced using fibre reinforced plastics have two major
advantages: they are extremely lightweight and are simultaneously of
high strength and load carrying capacity.The need for lightweight
construction engineering has increased enormously over the last
few years. More and more sectors are relying on lightweight construction
and therefore on fibre composites. GFR and CFR composites are
especially important in vehicle construction. Resources can be
saved by reducing the weight of components. Thus, fibre reinforced
plastics reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions along with it.
The high static and dynamic load carrying capacity of GFR and
CFR parts makes fibre technology interesting for industrial
purposes too. Fibre composite materials open new
dimensions in mechanical engineering in particular,
where they are a flexible, low-cost alternative
to conventional materials. Thanks to the numerous
shaping options they provide, fibre reinforced
plastics, and in particular CFR composites,
are the materials of the future.