The production of fibre reinforced plastics (duroplasts)

Fibre reinforced plastics are so-called composites. Here glass fibres or
carbon fibres, also known as carbon, are embedded in a resin matrix.
Besides glass fibres, carbon fibres and aramid fibres, epoxy resins, polyester
resins, vinyl ester resins and hybrid resins are used as raw materials for
manufacturing composites. The finished plastic components are known
as GFR or CFR composites. GFR stands for glass fibre reinforced plastics
and CFR for carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Keim has had long years
of experience in the field of fibre technology. Various techniques
are used to produce components made of fibrereinforced plastics.
The most important of these is resin transfer moulding,or the
RTM method for short. This is a pressure resin injection
method using closed moulds to produce high-quality
laminates. Sandwich components can also be
manufactured using the RTM method. Vacuum
injection is another method used to produce fibre
reinforced plastics.The oldest and most well-known
method for manufacturing parts made of fibre reinforced
plastic is hand lamination, a process whereby GFR components are
produced in open moulds.The hand lay-up laminate is often used in prototype construction.