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JOACHIM KEIM GmbH specializes in the manufacture of products made of fibre reinforced plastics (duroplasts) via resin transfer moulding (RTM) und in hand lay-up laminates. Modern fibre composite technology offers alternatives to conventional materials. One important argument in favour of lightweight construction is the reduction of the weight of the components. This contributes to reducing consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions as well as to the sparing use of environmental resources. At the same time, products made of fibre reinforced plastic are convincing solutions due to their high load carrying capacity and the wide range of design options they provide. As a result of these advantages, lightweight construction is playing a constantly increasing role in many fields of application such as mechanical engineering and the design of vehicles and sports equipment.

This is a medium-sized company which sees itself as a supplier of new developments. Keim Kunststofftechnik supports its customers competently and reliably in all phases, from the idea to production:

Keim LKW

Design drafting
Mould construction
Prototype construction
Series production of complete assemblies