Various different materials are used in lightweight construction. Metallic lightweight construction materials such as aluminium, magnesium or titanium are available on the one hand. However, fibre composite materials are considered to be the materials of the future as they best meet the requirements of lightweight construction. To manufacture composites of this kind, glass fibres, carbon fibres or synthetic fibres are embedded in a resin matrix. Combining the fibre with the raw material thus allows the development of composite materials with properties especially suited to the application in question. In the field of fibre reinforced composite materials (resin and fibre), we speak of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFR) or carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFR) depending on the material used. The resin used is determined according to the application and the demands made on the component. Keim uses epoxy resins, polyester resins and hybrid resins.

Glass fibres are the most important element of plastics technology today, but the future belongs to carbon fibres. This high-tech material also known as “carbon” comes from the fields of aviation and motor sports applications and is now being used in more and more areas due to its excellent material properties. The advantages of fibre-reinforced plastics are the lightness of the material and its extreme stability and load carrying capacity.